Idle Cure was an arena rock band from Long BeachCalifornia. The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music calls their sound "the best example of cloning a sound for Christian markets", likening it to that of Def Leppard's Pyromania.[1] They targeted a youthful audience,[2] distinguished by overtly evangelical religious lyrics.[3]

CCM magazine reported that all original members of the band had been in mainstream bands prior to the formation of Idle Cure.[3] Their first four albums have been reissued as compilations by KMG Records.


  • 1986: Idle Cure (Frontline Records)
  • 1988: Tough Love (Frontline, Review: CCM Magazine[2])
  • 1990: 2nd Avenue (Frontline, Review: CCM Magazine[4])
  • 1991: Inside Out (Frontline)
  • 1992: Breakaways (Frontline, Compilation)
  • 1994: Eclipse (Salt, Review: Cross Rhythms[5])
  • 1998: Idle Cure/2nd Avenue (KMG Records, Compilation, Review: Cross Rhythms[6])
  • 2000: Tough Love/Inside Out (KMG Records, Compilation)


  • Mark Ambrose - guitar
  • Pete Lomakin - keyboard, vocals
  • Steve Shannon - vocals
  • Clark Edmond - drums

Former membersEdit

  • Glenn Pearce - guitar (1994)
  • Chuck King - guitar (afterwards playing for SHOUT together with Ken Tamplin, Loren Robinson and Joe Galetta)