Neal Morse is a multi-instrumentalist who has a solo career that started with his 1999 self-titled solo debut. He is also known as a former member of the progressive rock band Spock's Beard and a current member of progressive rock band Transatlantic. Through his solo career, he is known as an innovator of the musical genre of Cprog, which is progressive rock with Christian themes.[1]


Neal Morse was a founding member of Spock's Beard back when the band was formed in 1992.[2] He also helped form the band Transatlantic in 1999.[3]In 2002, he left both of the aforementioned bands after becoming a born-again Christian and having released the 2002 concept album by Spock's Beard which is "Snow".[1] The events leading up to Neal Morse becoming a born-again Christian is detailed in his 2003 album "Testimony". Something else that influenced his conversion, which is detailed in "Testimony Live", was his daughter Jayda having been diagnosed with a hole in her heart; she turned out healthy after the ordeal after some prayer that Neal underwent.[4] In 2009, Transatlantic reunited, and Neal Morse, along with the other three original members (Mike Portnoy, Roine Stolt, Pete Trewavas), contributed toward the line-up; they went on to record the band's third studio album, "The Whirlwind".[5]

Selected solo discographyEdit

Most of these albums were released through InsideOut Music and Radiant Records.[6][7]


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