Tooth & Nail Records is a record label founded by Brandon Ebel in the U.S. state of California in November 1993. The label later moved to Seattle, Washington, where it is situated today.

Tooth & Nail's first album released was Wish for Eden's Pet the Fish, which was produced by Michael Knott and originally slated to be released by Blonde Vinyl. Subsequent releases from The Juliana Theory, MxPx, and Starflyer 59 made Tooth & Nail a strong force in Christian music circles, as well as a niche underground subculture in itself. Prior to forming Tooth & Nail, Ebel worked for the Christian label Frontline.

The label resists the identification as a Christian record label; Ebel states that his philosophy is to "allow artists who are Christians to create their art." With art in mind, some artists are signed with the full knowledge that the label will lose money on the venture.

Current ArtistsEdit